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The Vision Bleak - Timeline - An Introduction To The Vision Bleak CD

03.06.2016 Item #: PRO 196 Prophecy Productions
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The perfect primer for a special price

"Timeline - An Introduction To The Vision Bleak" is the perfect primer to the works of The Vision Bleak, the masters of Horror Metal. The low-price compilation has a playing time of almost eighty minutes and features songs of all The Vision Bleak albums from the debut "The Deathship Has A New Captain" (2003) to their latest record "The Unknown".

1. Into The Unknown
2. The Kindred Of THe Sunset
3. From Wolf To Peacock
4. The Wood Hag
5. Cannibal Witch
6. Descend Into Mealstrom
7. I Dined With The Swans
8. By Our Brotherhood With Seth
9. The Black Pharaoh Trilogy Part II: The Vault Of Nephren-Ka
10. Kutulu!
11. Carpathia
12. The Charm Is Done
13. Elizabeth Dane
14. Lone Night Rider

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