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The Stargazer's Assistant - Fire Worshipper Vinyl LP | Black

03.02.2023 Item #: HOM 029 LP House Of Mythology
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The Stargazer's Assistant is David J. Smith (The Holy Family, Guapo), Michael J. York (Coil, Teleplasmiste, The Utopia Strong, Current 93) & David J. Knight (UnicaZürn). 2023 marks five years since the bands last release on HoM and their return see’s the trio at their most ritualistic. It’s time to explore new alchemy and ascend from the depths.

1. Agni
2. Shamash
3. Ishum
4. Shalman
5. Agneya
6. Odqan
7. Ra-Atum
8. Shango
9. Arinitti
10. Oya

LP (black vinyl) incl. printed insert and protection sleeve (ltd. 300)

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