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Edge Of Dawn - Anything That Gets You Through The Night CD

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A stylistically mixed album which will set a new standard to the electronic genre

Edge Of Dawn - “Anything That Gets You Through The Night” – “Anything that lets you survive this night” is an unusual title for Edge Of Dawn's second album, a collaboration between the creative Mario Schumacher and Seabound-singer and Professor of Psychology, Frank M. Spinath. They already caused quite a stir with their début album “Enjoy The Fall” which was cited as one of the best Electronic albums in 2007.

The dark story behind the following release concerns an erotic meeting in a hotel between a woman and a mysterious man. At dawn, only a gutted hotel room remains. “Anything That Gets You Through The Night” describes the tightrope walk of the protagonists between power, fear and aggression in one night, whose disastrous course is described in the large-scaled booklet.

Compared to the first album, Edge Of Dawn has been able to develop stylistically and deliver a surprisingly melodic concept album, despite the hypnotic darkness. A mirror image to the project's name, the atmosphere switches frequently between “bright” and “dark” poles and navigates perfectly the grey No man's land in between. The repertoire includes the majestic orchestral “Capture”, the danceable but intelligent “Stage Fright” and also a hypnotic, melodic duet “Beyond The Gate” with the Iris singer Reagan Jones.

Edge Of Dawn presents a stylistically mixed album which will set a new standard to the electronic genre. A pioneering, addictive and rich masterpiece, it plays in the premier league, along with the best albums of Covenant, VNV Nation or Deine Lakaien.

One of the high points of the album is the song „Lucid Dreams“, for which a video was filmed in early 2011. Edge Of Dawn singer Frank M. Spinath explains the story told in the song:

“During my US tour with Seabound and Iris in Spring 2008 I heard a lot of different stories, some of them downright unsettling. One story in particular I found so fascinating that I eventually wrote it down, and out of that came the lyrics to “Lucid Dreams“.

A friend of mine was at a club and was approached by two attractive women who, under the auspices of taking him to a private party, got him into their car. In the car, together with the two women, was an unknown driver. After a short drive they picked up a rather grim and silent figure in a hooded sweatshirt who didn’t say a word. After a long drive, the group arrived at the rather distant locale where the party was apparently taking place, which turned out to be a desolate and solitary house. At this point, my friend became seriously concerned about his well being, and began to imagine that he was a pawn in some kind of foul plot. He eventually managed to escape through a bathroom window and ran for his life, hiding out for several hours in a cornfield until daybreak. This is an absolutely true story and so vividly did my friend relate to me his experience that I could do nothing but set it to lyrics, which contain some lines exactly as he told them to me, and many details of the original story.“

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