Daniel Ekeroth - Schwedischer Death Metal Book

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The benchmark concerning Swedish Death Metal

In the mid-80’s, a small underground movement started to emerge from the small towns and suburbs of Sweden. A handful of restless teenagers started to search for the most extreme music available, and a tape-trading community began to grow. Eventually the teenagers picked up instruments themselves and created what in a few years would dominate the world of extreme music – Swedish Death Metal.

In his 500+ pages book “Swedish Death Metal,” Daniel Ekeroth tells the improbable history of one of heavy metal’s most extreme outgrowths. The book includes a massive A–Z of Swedish Death Metal bands (about 900 entries) and fanzines as well as a lot of rare pictures. About 30 central characters of the scene have been interviewed, and some of their anecdotes are as wild as the music ever was. Still, the main focus of this research is the music. After all, the fantastic music is the greatest achievement of the Swedish Death Metal movement.


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