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Brother Dege - Aurora

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If you make the trek down to Louisiana, you won’t leave the same way you came. Listening to BROTHER DEGE, you breathe in the backwoods air, fall under the spell of the swamp, and get to know the ghosts of the Delta. Materialising at a crossroads between soul-rousing rock and roll, eloquent folk, graveyard Americana, and psychedelic bliss, the GRAMMY Award-nominated troubadour absorbs the spirit of his home state in threads of droning slide guitar, naked vocals, and blood-soaked poetry. On BROTHER DEGE's sixth full-length "Aurora", after quietly generating tens of millions of streams, earning widespread acclaim, and carving out a corner in pop culture history with a co-sign by none other than Quentin Tarantino, the American guitarist and singer Dege Legg pulls everyone into his lush musical world. An undercurrent of bluesy distortion tosses and turns in tectonic motion beneath bold hooks as his love for seventies and eighties staples funnels into a twisted 21st century take on Southern rock. He emerges out of this smoke with a vision without comparison, bringing grit and gusto in equal measure to Alt-Americana. During 2004, when Dege Legg emerged as BROTHER DEGE, he introduced his already fully-developed unique sound via the album debut "Trailerville". In its wake, the sophomore full-length "Folk Songs of the American Longhair" yielded a procession of anthems, including 'Too Old to Die Young', which Tarantino personally selected to play over a key sequence in "Django Unchained" and to grace the tracklist of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Dege parlayed this momentum into a string of fan favourite albums, namely "How To Kill A Horse" (2013), "Scorched Earth Policy" (2015), and "Farmer's Almanac" (2018). There can be no denying that BROTHER DEGE is heavily influenced by the music and sound of the Deep South, against which he rebelled in his youth. Yet even while the roots remain strong, the American guitarist and singer transcends his song another step further into the universal language of rock and roll with his new masterpiece "Aurora". Lean back, close your eyes, and let these wonderful songs engulf you.

01. Aurora
02. Where the Black Flowers Grow
03. Climbing Ivy
04. A Man Needs a Mommy
05. Turn of the Screw
06. Ouroboros
07. The Devil You Know
08. Loser's Blues
09. The Longing

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