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Farsot - Insects CD

2011-10-28 Item #: WOLF 048-2 Lupus Lounge
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Hypnotic Black Metal avant-garde

Four years after their much-lauded debut album "IIII," Farsot - one of the greatest hopes of German Black Metal - release their sophomore "Insects". On this album, the band from Thuringia once more breaks the bounds of Dark/Black Metal and presents a unique new definition of dark music, emphasising trance-like instrumentals as much as clear, conjuring vocals and many groovy passages.

The album is available as:
- Jewelcase CD
- limited Mailpak CD (the special Digipak also known from the previous Farsot releases)
- Limited Farsot clothbag incl. Mailpak CD and some A5 copperplate replicas on special paper in an envelope, handsigned and handnumbered by Farsot; limited to 200 copies and available for Prophecy club members and in Prophecy's online shop only
- Limited LP incl. poster. Limited to 500 copies.


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