Helrunar - MM.I. - MM.XI. - Vier Wege eines Winters Vinyl Box | black

07.12.2018 Item #: WOLF 087 Lupus Lounge
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„MM.I. - MM.XI. - Vier Wege eines Winters“ is a massive box set incl. the first four Helrunar albums on 9 LPs, thus collecting the "Nordic phase" of Helrunar's work and releasing these albums on vinyl for the first time ever. All LPs are black 180g vinyl and come in embossed wallets. The box itself features another embossment on the cover and additionally contains a large-size hardcover book (ca. 30x30cm, 60 pages) including an extensive preface and all the lyrics plus 4 art prints of the LP cover artworks. There are only 500 copies available worldwide.

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